Made by Nez is a self-taught baker living and working in South London. She specialises in celebration and wedding cakes. With a love of 1970s and 80s cake design, she adopts a traditional style with a modern colour palette.  Nez is known for her decorative details and over the top piping.

Flavour is as important as style. Nez has developed recipes and combinations that offer a range of flavours, while avoiding an overly sweet or sickly taste. Rich butter creams, seasonal fruit fillings and super soft sponges are Nez's favourites. As well as her regular menu of flavours, she also offers bespoke commissions on request. 


For events and weddings, Nez works with her clients to create something that is completely unique. Taking inspiration from the clients' references and briefs, she works closely with them to make it special. 


She also works as a food stylist, specialising in cakes and desserts. Brands include Gucci, Jo Malone, Lulu Guinness, H&M and Samsung.